Some pretty ferocious thunderstorms passed over Maine yesterday, and if you were in the path of one of them you certainly knew it.

The small town of Wales felt the effects yesterday. Wales is located off the north side of the Maine Turnpike between Augusta and Lewiston, and a spruce tree standing on the side of the Leeds Junction Road took a direct hit, creating a very eerie scenario right out of a horror movie.

This must have amazed the members of the Wales Fire Department who first showed up to see it.  It certainly impressed them enough to whip out a phone and film a video of the tree burning from the inside out.  If you look closely, you can see where the lightning strike pretty much tore down through half the length of the tree.

If you listen closely to the video's audio you'll hear someone back at headquarters advising the firemen to "cut the tree down", which we presume that they eventually did to get the entire fire out.

Looks like we're pretty clear of the threat of any thunderstorms until this weekend, when the National Weather Service predicts that we'll have a chance of more throughout both Saturday and Sunday.  So, if you're planning any outdoor activities such as boating, fishing or maybe having a picnic, keep an eye to both the forecast and the sky for your safety.

But if anyone ever doubts again the fury of Mother Nature and the power of lightning, just have them stare at this video of burning ember for a while.  Unfortunately, this tree was in the wrong place at the right time.

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