A good chunk of my life revolves around coffee.

I do a morning show... So I get out of bed everyday somewhere between 3:30am - 4:00am. The first thing I do after letting the dog out is to get the coffee started. I tried to do it the other way around once, and he let me know that was not acceptable. But otherwise, first chance I get, the coffee pot goes on. It's a morning necessity.

However, have you ever made your own breakfast and it just doesn't seem as tasty as when your spouse makes it? Sometimes I feel the same way about coffee. I'd rather pay good money for someone else to make it. Even if I just buy a regular cup, nothing fancy, it seems like it's always better when someone else is in charge of it.

A lot of folks feel the same way, judging by the popularity of west Market Coffee.

For the last seven years, the West Market Square Artisan Coffeehouse has been a downtown Bangor staple. It's the spot to go if you're doing things downtown and just need a little pick-me-up. I also enjoy sitting outside when the weather's nice. so do tons of other people. and that isn't going to change anytime soon. But, the name and the owners are.

According to the BDN, current owner Cheryl Michaud announced that she's selling the business to two employees. It will transition ownership this week to employees Wayne Johnson and Aaron Parker. During this transition, the name of the shop will change to Chimera Coffee, which will reflect their desire for flavor diversity in the coffee business.

The name may change, but the shop will carry the same spirit.

The new owners intend not just to feature Maine coffees, but coffees from all over as well. They also intend to do some remodeling in line with what's taking place with the owners of the Charles Inn, which is being renovated with the intent on having a grand re-opening later this year. Chimera Coffee will follow suit.

So the new changes will be somewhat gradual. For the time being, a lot of folks may not totally notice any changes, other than the name. But new owners Johnson and Parker will slowly make it their own. New ownership will take effect as of this coming Monday, February 13th.

Keep scrolling... There's a couple neat views of West Market Square back in the day.

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