It's still *technically* winter.

I can't say that fact makes me feel any better, but here we are. We're entering the second full week of March, and we're staring down the barrel of our fourth snow storm in two weeks. That's just nuts. I have a theory that Leap Year is slowly turning our calendars against us, making winter later every year. I have no science to back up this claim, it's just what I believe (not really).

Couple relaxing on beach

What I can say, is that literally everyone I talk to is absolutely done with winter. Like, ready to sell everything, pack up, and leave for warmer climates. It always sounds like a great idea, until you remember that moving sucks and you don't know anyone in Florida. So you'll probably just grin and bear it like the rest of us.

So how bad is it gonna be this week?

For the last few days, the forecast from the National Weather Service has been holding on pretty tight to the idea that it's going to be nasty. As is always the case, the Bangor area is right on the line as far as snowfall amounts. We could get 4-6 inches, or 6-10 inches. More than anything, I just can't believe this is still happening now.

Car buried in snow

To make matters worse, the winds are going to be pretty over the top. We're talking gusts in the neighborhood of 40mph. Combined with the fact the temps will be fairly high, causing it to be more of a wet snow than the last couple storms, it could be a prime situation for power outages. Always so much fun.

Photo by Ioann-Mark Kuznietsov on Unsplash
Photo by Ioann-Mark Kuznietsov on Unsplash

Personally, I'm with the crowd that's pretty much had it. I'm tired of cleaning it up, I'm tired of driving in it... I'm just all-around ready for winter to be over. Soon enough... But then it's time for Spring snow, right? Ugh...

Let these Mainers tell you what they really think about snow...

Here's What Mainers Really Think About Snow

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