Is there anything better than a sweet, pretty kitty who just loves to get their noggin rubbed? If that sounds like the kind of cat you want to have around, do yourself a favor and check out this week's "Pet of the Week" Diggles, over at the Hancock County SPCA.

Mariah Donovan, Communications Coordinator at the Hancock County SPCA, says Diggles is just a darling cat.

Diggles, Hancock County SPCA
Diggles, Hancock County SPCA

"As you can tell from her picture, she LOVES a good head rub. In fact, if your hand isn’t out for Diggles to snuggle against in the first few seconds of meeting her, she’ll start rubbing against her cage, or anything within reach!"

While Diggles does dig the head scratches, she also wants life to be a little more predictable and less chaotic. The same goes for the actions around her.

"Diggles is a super sweet girl who prefers a gentle approach to life, as she is a bit nervous about new surroundings, especially new animals. While Diggles could possibly be okay with slow, positive interactions while being introduced to other animals, she would likely be most happy as an only cat. Since she loves attention, children could be okay as long as they are kind and respectful towards her."

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And like most cats in this world (and most humans for that matter) Diggles would appreciate it if you didn't crowd her space.

"It is really important that her boundaries are listened to, as is the case with any furry friend. If you want to adopt a really sweet, pretty kitty who loves pets and rubs, come by and meet Diggles!"

If you're interested in learning more about any of the animals available for adoption at the SPCA of Hancock County call 207-667-8088 or by visiting their website,

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