It's a mystery, and a bit of a tragedy that this sweet-faced, sweetheart of a cat is still at the Hancock County SPCA!

Mariah Donovan, Communications Coordinator for the SPCA of Hancock County, says:

"We are flabbergasted that Petrie is still here. Petrie has the biggest heart and is a lovebug in a cat suit! This cutie is a 5-year-old, male, large gray cat with beautiful white and cream patches scattered throughout his fur. He was well-loved before his time here at the SPCA of Hancock County and has SO much love to give back. Petrie has been nothing but a sweetheart with staff and volunteers since day one and is always in the mood to be a playful, silly kitty."

Pet of The Week-Petrie, Hancock County SPCA
Pet of The Week-Petrie, Hancock County SPCA

"He loves to adventure, explore, and play! He would benefit from having a home where he can be given ample attention and time to play. He will chirp when he’s ready for some affection...which is most of the time."

How can this be? Perhaps people were intimidated by the fact that at one point he had some medical issues. But Donovan says those issues have been resolved.

"Last year Petrie had a urinary blockage which can be fatal in male cats. He was the bravest boy ever and is happy to be healthy now! Petrie eats a prescription urinary diet to help prevent future issues and has done a wonderful job taking care of himself."

If you're looking for a ball full of love with a bright, beautiful face to match his lovely personality, then perhaps you should come visit Petrie in person!

"Petrie is an amazing cat with so much love to give and we look forward to him finding the special folks who will give him all the love and affection he deserves and so badly wants!"

If you want to go visit any of the other animals up for adoption at the Hancock County SPCA, you can call 207-667-8088 or visit their website,

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