The holidays can get to be a bit lonely for some, including furry friends. Why not, if you're looking for a companion this Christmas season and beyond, consider a sweet little black cat named Squeaks!

Squeaks, Hancock County SPCA
Squeaks, Hancock County SPCA

Mariah Donovan, Communications Coordinator with the Hancock County SPCA, says Squeaks, if given the chance, would love to keep you company!

"This 5-year-old lovebug named Squeaks needs a home where she can have time
to feel comfortable and show her true, loving self. Don’t let her name fool you, she may seem shy at first, but this lady has an adventurous, curious spirit that just patience and understanding to help her feel comfortable enough to explore it. "

Squeaks made her way to the shelter through no fault of her own.

"This sweet girl came to SPCA because she was being bullied by other cats to the point where she was afraid to eat and be herself. Given her experience, an only cat home would be ideal for her, but it’s possible she could tolerate a home with one
other, very polite and kind, cat."

Donavan says this cat deserves a second look.

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"Squeaks often gets overlooked, as she is usually tucked away in her bed and watching from a distance. Within a few minutes of sitting quietly with her and giving gentle
scratchies, she often rolls over onto her side for staff and graciously accepts gentle pets. She’s a great companion to have by your side, as she’s loving but also happy to be independent."

If you want to go visit any of the other animals up for adoption at the Hancock County SPCA, you can call 207-667-8088 or visit their website,

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