More than just a pretty face, the Hanock County SPCA's "Pet of the Week" may look like he's all bravado, when in fact he's just a shy and quiet soul, looking for his match.

According to Cole, Shelter Manager over at the SPCA says Romeo is quite the catch, too.

"The SPCA of Hancock County would like to introduce Romeo, our local heart-throb. Romeo has the softest and silkiest short gray coat and gorgeous yellow-green eyes."

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At the tender age of 3, he's old enough to know better but young enough to not care. He likes to take his time, and really get to know you before he gives up all his love.

Romeo, Hancock County SPCA
Romeo, Hancock County SPCA

"When he’s comfortable in his surroundings, he can come off with some extra bluster and seem so confident as he reaches out to new people and tries to beckon them to pet him, but deep down, he’s actually a shy, sensitive soul who longs for someone to be patient, kind, and gentle with him."

Romeo works best alone right now and wants you all to himself.

"Because he’s actually quite timid, he does not react well to new cats or dogs, but it’s possible that with appropriately slow introductions, he may adjust in time - for now, we recommend him as an only cat. He would be the perfect cat for a young family starting out or for someone wanting just a bit of extra company around the house, as long as they’re willing to invest in ways to make him feel more comfortable and confident."

If you're interested in learning more about any of the animals available for adoption at the SPCA of Hancock County by calling 207-667-8088 or by visiting their website,

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