Whap, whap whap!  Yup, three or four swings in a matter of a second or two.  That's all it took.

We've had cats all of our lives.  I've been mauled  many times before playing with various felines over the years, and nothing like this has ever happened.

About a year ago when my mama passed, we took in her sixteen year-old cat, and immediately our young cat, Greta, took a disliking to her.  So, we've kept them separated ever since.  We refuse to let them maul each other.

This past Sunday morning I gave the old cat a few strokes before I left her in the bedroom and made my way downstairs.  Greta was sitting on the top of the couch in the sun, where she more or less loves to be.  Not thinking, I reached out to give her a pat, and she caught a whiff.

Man, you thought that Mike Tyson was fast. Boom, whap, boom!  There I was, instantly a bloody mess.

Looks innocent, doesn't  she?

Greta - TSM photo

My hand starting turning red throughout the day and it felt like someone hit the top of it with a hammer.

By Monday afternoon I decided to head to the ER.  I was told that I was suffering from Cellulitis, or, Cat Scratch Fever/disease. Yup, left untreated, it could result in high fever, pneumonia, infections of the brain, hepatitis, or ever DEATH!

TSM photo

After two huge burning shots of antibiotics in the bum, a Tdap vaccination in the arm, a bottle of meds, and a $400 charge, I was sent on my way.

Couple of days later, the swelling has receded and the pain has mostly disappeared, Greta still laughs at me.

Greta - TSM photo

Greta has always been an indoor cat, has all of her shots, and cleans herself incessantly.  You just never know.

While at the ER at Maine Coast Memorial Hospital I was told about other patients who had neglected treatment for days or even weeks, and the horrific things that they had to go through in order to recuperate.  Needless to say, infections are very bad and could eventually take your life.  So, see a doctor fast if something similar happens to you. Don't wait!

"Well, the first time that I got it I was just ten years old
I got it from some kitty next door
An' I went to see the doctor and he gave me the cure"

And if something like this happens to you, remember, while you're getting those slow burning shots in the posterior, go ahead and hum Ted Nugent's song.  It definitely makes the process easier.