I learned something interesting about service dogs today. 

The only thing I have ever heard about contact with a service dog is don't pat them when they are working unless you ask. No big surprise there is more to their training than that. And here is what I learned, when a service dog in a vest approaches you and their owner is not with them, like Lassie towards the well, you need to follow them because their owner is in trouble.

According to the Service Dog Access page these dogs can be used by anyone from Veterans with PTSD to people with epilepsy and other health issues.  This is such a wonderful thing as they can help individuals by know signs and symptoms of seizures and more simple tasks like helping someone up, getting something for them or helping with anxiety.

In the story on their page a service dog tried to get help for his owner only to be rebuffed by a woman who was annoyed by the dog looking to her to follow. Let's never let that be you or me. Note to self today, if approached by a service dog wearing a vest follow to make sure Timmy can get out of the well.

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