It's been about 6 months now since legendary Bangor "Romantic Supermart", Dave's Movie Center closed its doors for good.

While it sits, dark and unused on the side of Union Street, I can't help but wonder what will go into that building next.

While I've seen cars randomly parked in the lot on occasion, there's no real indication that anything's being done with the space yet, or if it's even been cleaned out.

From the one time I ever went in there, and from the descriptions others have offered up, I know the inside of the building to be deceptively spacious, occupying multiple floors. And with the addition of those big picture windows, which house the mannequins who helped signal the change in seasons to Bangor's citizens, depending on their attire, what kind of business would best benefit from that kind of blueprint?

Cori Skall
Cori Skall

Anyone in the City knows its location is pretty prime, as far as real estate goes, if someone were looking for a spot with high visibility.

But given its history and what used to be sold there, would that building and spot weird out future patrons?

I'm sure I'm not alone in my musings. And there may even be some early-stage plans in the works. But City Officials I have reached out to say nothing's come their way yet, as far as a proposal or paperwork, so for now, it's a blank slate.

What do you think would fit best there? It's set up as a retail space. Everyone I've casually polled has said they think it will likely become another one of Maine's many weed shops. Or maybe a cell phone shop? Those big display windows would lend themselves well to some sort of niche consignment shop or apparel store.

Until we know for sure, there's one thing I am certain of...that intersection of town is not nearly as entertaining or scandalous (at least to my kids in the back of the minivan) as it once was, when the mannequins guarded over that block.

Trinity Business Brokers 3, Cori Skall
Trinity Business Brokers 3, Cori Skall

The recent addition of Trinity Business Brokers who moved into the tiny blue building across the street from Dave's last April, gives me hope for the future of that old structure. With a little bit of TLC, and a lot of cleaning (and maybe some sage?) I think there could be hope for that corner of town.

What do you think? What would you like to see go into that spot?

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