After this week's City Council meeting, these items will no longer be accepted at the Recycling Center in Ellsworth when the new year begins.

Due to a variety of reasons, including big time changes in the market for recyclables,  Councilors approved these changes in the City's recycling program.

These items will no longer be accepted, and some of them are surprising, beginning in 2019:

  1. Glass.
  2. Box board, such as cereal boxes, snack boxes, etc.
  3. #3 through #7 plastics, such as shampoo bottles and single-use bags.

A couple of tips for you, when saving recyclables:

  1. Remember to check the bottom of any plastic bottle or container for the small # which is encircled by a triangle.  This tells you what number plastic that the item is.
  2. Any container that still holds it's contents, like shampoo, detergent, milk, or any other sort of food, will not be accepted. The residue left within those items are contaminants.  If you leave those items in the Recycling Center they will be thrown away.  So, clean your recyclables before dropping them off.




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