What's This Wednesday Clue 9-30-2020 Cori Skall
What's This Wednesday Clue 9-30-2020 Cori Skall

JStew: In the interest of full disclosure, Cori sent this to me at least ten days ago, so even now as I stare at the photo, I'm at a loss for what it is without looking at the second photo. But that's the beauty of close up photography. Without context, the most mundane objects become interesting and cool. This was no exception. But it's nice that we can semi-fool people with stuff lying around our houses. It's fun for us, and it must be fun for you too, judging by all the comments. Thanks for playing along with us!

Cori: Each Wednesday we get such a kick out of putting up the clue, and then watching the guesses roll in. It's always a toss up; did we pick something obscure enough to keep you guessing, or will it be a super simple clue that everyone will get? This week was cool because it was tricky enough that it generated some great guesses, but it wasn't so tricky that no one got it!

So, in all their glory, these are your guesses. Some good, some not so good. But always fun!

Kari Jo Davis Water bowl
Morgan Cushing It looks like a knob that can be turned, like on a desk fan.
Margaret Siemerling Vaporizer who ha dilly.
Wendy Clewley Or maybe something from a humidifier?
Nancy Neu Upside down paper cup for cup cakes
Mary Klein Drouin Inside of a dishwasher
Justin Choiniere Jet in a hot tub
Cheryl McManus Inside of a mouthwash cap
Marianne W. Mills Middle of a fan.
Kelly J. McLaughlin Kobrin Top of a squirt bottle
There were a few of you who were thinking alike...
Felicia Saucier Toothpaste cap
Kathleen Golda Brown My guess-- toothpaste tube cap.
Wendy Clewley easy,laundry soap cap
Sally Thompson Laundry cap
Mary Ross The cap to laundry soap
Rob Irwin I have to go with the people that think it is a laundry cap... Looking inside the cap.
And our favorite guesses of the day:
Wendi B. Knowles Flux Capacitor
Paul Keezer A button on Captain Kangaroo's shirt....
Dennis Bean Blue Thunder afterburner.....Cmon 80s tv people.lol
But only a couple of you hit the nail right on the head...
Rebecca Utterback Tip of a glue bottle
Laurel Tara Doughty Top of glue bottle
What's This Wednesday Answer 9-30 Cori Skall
What's This Wednesday Answer 9-30 Cori Skall
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