Cori: After last week's "Stumper", we figured we'd take it easy on ya and give you what we thought was a clue most everyone could get. You rose to the occasion, and the majority of guesses were correct, right off the bat.

Upon first glance, to many it looked like some sort of menacing metallic least to a few of you...

Nancy Neu had some great guesses...

Is a metal chair for outside? I know, it washer at a drive in car wash. A hay dryer... for  farmers?

A couple of other guesses were...

Christine Thibodeau Grill grates?

Micah James Moran either car drill or a antique radiator heater.

But the majority of you knew exactly what it was...

Summer Rayne Pencil sharpener

Walter Hilenski Old school wall mounted pencil sharpener.

Krissy Andrade Falls Old fashioned school pencil sharpener

Mary Ross The inside of a pencil sharpener

Greg Miller Looks like a pencil sharpener to me as well.

Kelly Gardner Pencil sharpener

Debra Dudley added a picture of her own sharpener to her guess--even if it was a little blurry!

Photo Debra Dudley
Photo Debra Dudley

Pencil sharpener

JStew: Now, there's no prize involved here, so there's no nepotism going on. In fact, I have to agree that my sister has a distinct advantage as a teacher. I haven't seen the inside of a pencil sharpener in about 30+ years. To the point of thinking this was a meat grinder when I got a look at the photo, but then there was all the weird blue stuff, so...

But yeah, right here, my sister guessed it right away. Sigh. This is why I can't have nice things....

Lisa Gallant Looks to me like the inside of an electric or old crank pencil sharpener.

Keep an eye out for next week's clue and as always, thanks for the guesses!

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