Cori: In honor of JStew's triumphant return to the show after an extended vacation, I thought it only fair that he be the one to pick this week's "What's This Wednesday" clue. So I shot him a quick text and asked him to send me something tricky. (Now, keep in mind, I always think they're all tricky--so I'm actually a really terrible judge of what will be easy vs. what will be a real stumper!) I had no idea what it was when he sent back this picture, but apparently is was much more familiar to some of you.

JStew: To be honest, I thought it would be pretty easy. I was a little surprised she didn't get it, because my sneakers are something far closer to what one of her kids would where. Seeing that I'm basically a giant manchild anyway, it makes sense that I would have chosen the bottom of my trusty Vans slip-ons. I'm pretty lazy and like to be able to kick my shoes off at will, so they work for me.

But yeah.... Here it is...

Photo JStew
Photo JStew

Things started off strong with a pass! hahaha

Rob Irwin I feel, like I should know what it is, but just can't think of what it is.... I pass.

We're not quite sure about this guess...

Jason Lawler
The devil went down to georgia
He was looking for some boots to trade
He was in a bind
He was gonna miss his deadline
He couldnt lace to save some face

One of our favorite answers: 

Paul Keezer Honey Comb cereal...haha
A lot of of you were definitely in the right neighborhood...
Marianne W. Mills The things you put on your shoes when it’s icy.
Sue Simard-Poliquin Bottom of sandal
 Rae Jean Wheeler Bottom of your shoes
 Robin Winchester Reed Rubber boot sole
Delcina Gomm Sneaker sole
Madison Jones Bean boot sole?
Cheryl McManus The sole of a work boot
Mary Klein Drouin Bottom of a shoe
Wendi B. Knowles Boot tread
Sarah Graham Boot sole
Heidi Farquhar A boot sole
Mary Ross Bottom of an LL Bean boot
Dempsey Oliver Bottom of a tennis shoe
This was a close one...but not quite right...
Carl A. Witham Bottom of a converse?
And the Winner is...
Lin Briggs The sole of a vans

Until next week...and as always, thanks for playing!

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