For our weekly installment of "What's This Wednesday" we wanted you identify this situation. It went sorta well, hahaha......

JStew: Cori and I must've passed almost half a dozen photos back and forth. The problem was, they were all awesome. So they'll probably all pop up the next few weeks. However, this one in particular, I thought we should edit just slightly. The original version seemed.....strangely racy. Especially when you consider what it actually is. But still, I feel like I may have saved us from really awkward comments. But hey....that's all part of the charm of the game, right?

Cori: Picking this week's clue was so fun....and SO funny! JStew didn't want to use this one at first because, as some of you thought, it was something WAY different than it was. But when I showed him what the answer was, he quickly changed his mind...but admitted he still felt awkward and uncomfortable. Mission accomplished! As he said, the ones we didn't use today, we're going to use in the next few get ready to have some fun!

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The answer may have seemed more obvious than it was. People guessed the right elements, just not together at the same time. Let's check them out...

Chris Sockalexis Whoa now .. this is a family channel right?
Joseph Park I won’t mention her name.
Gentlemen, get your mind out of the gutter!
Mike Avery Jr. A close up of J- Stew’s belt (from behind)
Some of you thought it was part of JStew!
Bob Hatch Porcupine? Or, JStew's toupee, with a headband, so he can look like Mark Knofler.
Kari Jo Davis J Stew's toupee?
It's not a hedgehog!
Brad Rice Porcupine
Jeanne Clark Hedgehog
Mary Klein Drouin Porcupine
David Jeskey Sonic the Hedgehog
Delcina Gomm Stuffed animal
These were pretty close...
Greg Miller Dog
Elaine Foss Fitzpatrick Dog with flea collar
Kelly Mahar Dog and flea collar
Rob Irwin The neck of someone's pet, with flea collar.
Mary Sullivan Flea collar
Mary Sapiel Flea collar on a Siamese cat
 Bob Jamieson Sr. Flea collar on a cat
Robert Kaye String cheese on someone’s head
Gene Hatch This isn’t family radio this is rock n roll. Lol. Dogs tail is my guess.
What is it actually? A piece of string cheese on a dog's nose!
What's this Wednesday Answer
What's this Wednesday Answer: String cheese on our friend Jess's dog, Xena!

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