Cori: After last week's "Stumpah" JStew and I decided we would try something new with this week's What's This Wednesday's Clue.

First, we put the clue out, like we normally do. Then we waited...

We got a couple of guesses, but no one seemed to be getting it right off.

Lisa Gallant Maybe one of the legs of a scale?

Sandra Lyn It almost looks like theres a leg on it too. Maybe the edge of an end table or the edge of a chair? The shiny thing is throwing me off!

Matina Ageli I think it's... I don't know how to say it in English.... It's where your microphone is, how do you call it?

Rob Irwin Talk about a brain stumper.... Maybe an adjustable square? The shiny thing would be where it pivots. A real brain stumper.

And some of you just plain old gave up!

Nancy Neu i have no idea

So we decided to give out very subtle hint. In fact, we did this without saying a word. We reposted the clue picture, along with a Studio Selfie of the two of us--and it just so happened that contained within that selfie was the answer--but we never told you that.

J Stew: I always love when there's a bunch of guesses that are way of, because it makes me feel smart. Haha. But.... today, we were just plain, old outsmarted. Undone by our own hubris. so cocky that we thought we could get away with anything. But nope. It shows that really, I need to focus on my own surroundings.

I'm obviously helpless around bright, shiny objects. But to be fair, we have had a lot of pigeons fly up to the window lately....

What's This Wednesday Hint.. (Cori Skall)
What's This Wednesday Hint..
(Cori Skall)

Eric Fogg, with his super-duper investigative skills figured us out, however...

WTW Busted
WTW Busted

Eric Fogg Is it a Paper Holder.

While technically it wasn't a paper holder, he did nail that is was indeed the thing he circled and sent to us.

Actually, it was a cell phone holder, but he wins this week's prize for sneakiest slueth!

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