They're our go to lunch item.  They're what we stuff into the cooler when it's time to take a road trip. Italian sandwiches!

The Italian sandwich is certainly one of Maine's all time favorites!  Lather up a fresh sub roll with mayo or salad dressing, and then stuff it with cheese, ham, and your favorite veggies.  Yeah, life is good.

We all have our go to Italian sandwich place. It may be the small general store that sits on the corner, or it may be that national chain place or food truck down by the river.

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Some that come to mind are C & K Variety in Hermon, The Coffee Pot in Bangor, State Street Grocery in Ellsworth, The Village Market in Carmel, Pizzaland in Orrington, Amato's in Bangor, or the Fairmount Market in Bangor.

Wow.  Here's a flashback for you.  Does anyone remember Sonny's Italians, that used to be on Birch Street in Bangor?  Old Sonny would make you up an Italian sandwich that you would take to work that day, or to a family member that was in Eastern Maine Medical Center. Most old timers still remember.  A good Fireball sandwich is hard to forget.

So of course our poll question this week is, "Where are the best Italian sandwiches in Eastern Maine?" That's right, inquiring minds with big appetites want to know.

We came up with a few favorites that are listed within our poll, but fully realize that most with a hunger for Italians will fill in the "Other" field.  Please do, and while you're at it, don't forget the chips!

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