What, are you a narc?  That would have been the answer to our question just a few short years ago.

It's amazing how things change over the years.  It wasn't that long ago that the only place that recreational marijuana users could purchase smoke was from that guy that lived at the end of that long dirt road out in the middle of nowhere.  With voters legalizing recreational marijuana at the polls back in November of 2016, and most recently with a bunch of pot shops opening up across the state, there's now more legitimate and legal choices as to where to buy the drug.

But are smokers actually walking into the stores to do so?

The Bangor Daily News reports that there are now 15 stores within Maine selling recreational marijuana, and while sales haven't been as gangbuster as say in Massachusetts, the amount of cash is still way up there, and it's growing.

The BDN reports $1 million in recreational marijuana sales this past October, $1.2 million in November, and then almost $2 million in December.  Of course that # continues to grow as more and more pot stores open up.

See any online story like this one about recreational marijuana and more than likely it's accompanied by numerous comments from people saying that legal pot is far too expensive, and that they are still buying it out on the "black market."  Or, that recreational marijuana stores are still far and few between, and that they are still going to the same "guy" that they have been for years to obtain their weed.

So that's our question to you today, where do you buy your pot?

And now ...

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