Here in Maine we may have some of the harshest winters in the nation, but, overall we're pretty happy about it, believe it or not.

The folks at dug deep into how people in every state react to the coldest season of the year, and it looks like they hit it right on the head with a snowball when it comes to the Pine Tree State, which by the way, came in at #5.

Thrillist says that Mainers attitude towards winter "is a great one" because of our desire to get out in the cold and enjoy outdoor activities, and that the majority of us live near the coast where it doesn't get as cold as it does in say, Rockwood, Patten, or even Millinocket. image image

Which states have the best winters?  The warm ones:  Hawaii, Arizona and California.

The worst?  Well there's Maine at #5, followed by North Dakota, Alaska, Michigan and Minnesota at #1.

Whether you're miserable or not about winter it will arrive on December 21st, but let's all try to enjoy the beautiful season of fall first!

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