Break out the duck sauce.  It's gonna get sticky.

While there are various types of Chinese foods available, we only know the good kind.  The kind that makes our collective mouths water while craving a good egg roll dipped in hot mustard.  The kind that makes us want to overload our plates with beef lo mein, roast pork fried rice, sweet and sour chicken, teriyaki, and wonton soup, as we make our way down the line at the all you can eat buffet on a Sunday afternoon.

Yes, we're going to need a bib and a wet towelette. Maybe two.

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Now you can go ahead and say that if you dump a bunch of soy sauce onto just about anything that it's going to taste really good, but we know otherwise. We've been to the good Chinese restaurants and we've been to the bad ones. Here's a little secret for you, we don't go back to the bad ones, and no amount of soy sauce will help them.

So here we are once again, relying on your dining experience.  Whether it be take out or eat in, we just want to know where the good stuff is before we set out to order up.  Once again, we've compiled our restaurant list from our dining experiences, our co-workers dining experiences, and of course both Yelp and

So let us know what you think because inquiring minds want to know, and while you take our poll we'll be placing an order for an extra large Poo Poo Platter to start out the night.

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