As our community and it's parents deal with all sorts of situations throughout this summer, it's nice to know that a couple of local organizations are keeping Bangor area kids in mind.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, the Maine Discovery Museum will set up at Chapin Park in Bangor, and along with the Good Shepard Foodbank, will provide both free bagged breakfast and lunch to local kids in need.  There is no charge, there is not obligation.  Just show up.

Chapin Park is located between Parkview Avenune and Forest Avenue off State Street in Bangor.  Both the free bagged breakfast and lunch will be passed out to those that need them between 12 noon and 1 p.m.  On nice days, enjoy a picnic right there in the park with friends and neighbors,  or take the food home to eat it there.

Folks can leave their children at home if they'd like, and pick up 3 days worth at a time for multiple children without having to bring any kids with them.

This is a terrific community service provided by both the Maine Discovery Museum, a really nice place for kids to visit this summer to learn about all things Maine, and the Good Shepard Foodbank, an organization that provides food to local food kitchens and pantries all over the state helping those in need.  Monetary donations to the Good Shepard Foodbank go much further towards helping hungry Mainers than donating food itself, as the Foodbank can buy product in bulk at a much cheaper price and then pass it along for distribution.

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