Oh yes, they're a summer time favorite for both locals and visitors alike!  Fried clams!

They may not be mentioned in the same sentence as lobster very often, but we dig 'em!  Yes, as a matter of fact Mainers really do dig clams, first out of the mud flats across the thousand of miles shoreline from one end of the state to the other, and then of course on the supper table and the picnic table as well.

So, the question of the day, and one that all seafood lovers can really appreciate, is who serves up the best fried clams in the area? Are they at a restaurant or at one of the many take-outs from Newport to Bangor to Rockland to Bar Harbor?

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For seafood lovers it's a hard decision to make but wherever the area's best fried clams may be you can be guaranteed that the parking lot is full of cars and people are asking for extra tarter sauce at the take-out window.

Of course ambience and setting account for the taste of all food and fried clams are no exception, as we all know what eating a big Styrofoam container filled with fired clams, french fries, Cole slaw and a roll outside beside the ocean tastes so much better than say, eating them out in the woods with the black flies.

So take our poll and if we've missed your favorite spot for fried clams let us know!  We'll announce our results right here on I95Rocks.com in the near future.

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