They stare at the $ that you've handed them almost stupefied, quickly wondering how they're gonna get out of this one.

Yup, we pulled the car up to the drive thru speaker this morning and placed our order, which was a large black coffee, a small coffee with cream and a chocolate dip doughnut.  The total we were told came to $5.69.

We dug $6 in bills out of our wallet, and when we made it to the take-out window, handed it over to the girl behind the register.  She handed us 11 cents back.

How does this happen?  ALL THE TIME!

Have you noticed this?  Young people can't make change!

Think about it.  How often do you have to correct the person behind the cash register when they hand you back your change?  We don't remember this happening as often years ago.

What's the reason?

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