Can we ever really offer enough respect to women who rock?

From its inception, it's always seemed like rock & roll is kind of a man's game. All the biggest stars in the early days were certainly men. Slowly over time, that has changed, and these days some of the biggest names in rock are women. Heart, Joan Jett, Janis Joplin... I could go on and on.


Every year, Maine Academy of Modern Music honors women in music with their Girls Rock series, inspired by Women's History Month. This year with the Bangor program from MAMM, young local rockers will not only be honoring women who rock, but also their Moms as they put on a big show this Saturday at the Gracie Theater in Bangor on the Husson University campus.

But what about all the boys?

Obviously, there are many young men signed up for MAMM, and some of the bands don't always have girls in them. In this case, those bands will have to present at least one song written by a woman. It makes for a really diverse selection of tunes from all the bands by the end of the day.


In addition to all the young talent on the stage that day, local Bangor bands Random Ideas and When Particles Collide will also lend their amazing talents to the mix. Both bands have spent extensive time on the road and have a strong following well beyond Maine's borders.

The show starts at 4:00 this Saturday, May13th at the Gracie Theater. Tickets are $10 in advance, which you can get right here, or you can pay $12 at the door. Bring your mom, bring your sister, bring the girl next door! Or, bring whoever you want and get ready to rock super hard for all the women who've done the same.

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