So... You're walking around the house, it's dark, and you're barefoot. What is the absolute worst thing you could step on?

JStew: Being a new dog owner this year, I've gotten to experience some horrible textures under my feet, first-hand. To this day, I'm not sure which is worse.... stepping in fresh, warm dog pee, or a puddle that's had a chance to go cold. Neither is very appealing, but it's gotta be better than dog poop, right? Without kids, I'd been spared most of these horrible things. But luckily, my dog has opened my eyes to how yucky things can get sometimes.

Cori: As someone who has stepped in a number of disgusting things, barefoot and in the dark, I feel qualified to weigh in on this topic. I'll take stepping in a puddle of pee, hot or cold, and even a formed doggie's when things are slimy (because they've spent at least a little time in a tummy and then come out either end) that's the worst. While it's painful to hit a tack or a toy, nothing gives me the heebie-jeebies quite like stepping in something slimy....especially if there's a smell to it. No thank you!

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Your answers were truly amazing, and we're glad we don't have to walk in some of your houses at night...

Judy Andrews Michaud Anything that comes out of an animal

Melissa Avery Burns Kitty litter..... the bane of my existence.
Shari Giffard Keefe Cat barf definitely
Nikki Johnson Definitely LEGOs
Shawnna Farley Cat puke...
Bobbie Lindsey In this house it is the marrow bones
Thomas Graban Moose poop
Cathy Prescott Jacks
Aisling Doucette Pain wise Legos nasty wise and animal presents lol
Mary Klein Drouin Dog poop
Mary Cullinan Polly Pockets
Cheryl McManus Dead mouse
Linda Memaw Boone Cat puke!!
Michelle Poirier Dog poop or vomit!
Diane Perdue Hartford Hot wheels car, rogue toe nail clipping
Greg Miller There was a game called jacks... yeah at least legos don't normally puncture your foot.
Jen Megquier Dog poop and track it through 3 rooms before your realize the reason you can smell it in 3 rooms is because it has now been spread to 3 rooms.
Cody Workman D4 dice
Paul Keezer Wet diapers.....
Amber Harvey Cat puke
Rob Irwin Anything that makes you cuss (swear) up a storm.
Marissa Rae Grindle Animal vomit! Hands down
Ralph Vines Kimball Puddle of blood...Or any bodily(human or animal) fluids/solids...

big ol hair ball! Squishes between your toes have to walk on your heel so don't leave a trail throughout the house
Sasha Alexandra dog vomit


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