I suppose as a general rule, maybe Facebook is not the most reliable news source, for a number of reasons. But since part of my job everyday is to comb the internet looking for awesome stuff going on, it's an invaluable tool. Other times it just presents you with things so awesome, you never even knew you needed to know about it.

Today that was the case when I found this unbelievable sin against automotive nature created by Caleb Springer of Dixmont. He has painstakingly removed the front wheels of a riding lawn mower, and replaced them with snowmobile skis. I'm sure at first, like me, you're asking yourself, why would anyone do this? Who cares why he did it?! It rocks!

Caleb Springer via Facebook
Caleb Springer via Facebook

He has named this unholy Ski-Don't "Rodney," and Caleb says Rodney spins some pretty mint donuts.

He also posts some hilarious, if not mildly dangerous, videos of himself doing funny stuff. Stuff like crashing the tractor before he turned it into his sweet winter death machine.

His skills are not lost on folks who have seen it either. As I was scrolling through the comments on the photo, I noticed someone offered him a job! You can't beat that! It pays to handy, and maybe a little off.

I asked Caleb what inspired this beauty, and he had this to say:

"Well... I got a small 4 wheeler when I was like 6, and after running that into the ground, my dad bought me a small dirt bike, and after I blew that up I realized, these ATVs are too damn expensive! We had an old lawn mower out back and I got it running, took the mower deck off and tooled it through the woods. And i loved it! Then I just kept having mowers given to me over the years, and eventually I started making them go fast. Rodney now goes 45 mph after 2 engines, 5 transmissions, and 27 belts, but he goes mint!"

When I asked if it was curiosity or boredom that was also part of his inspiration, Caleb said that's not how he and his friends operate. One has a fully modded mini-bike, and another friend has a riding mower with a 521 Rotax engine out of a snowmobile.

"We don't have boredom and curiosity, we have brute force and ignorance. And that's what makes this pack of idiots what we are today."

And just for fun, here's the sweet video of Caleb jumping Rodney before he was changed into the lawn-snower he's become.

But I've gotta say that I, for one, salute you Caleb Springer. Life handed you lemons, and you made them into a Mow-Mobile.

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