Whether it's an interest in the history of the literal earth around us, a fascination with the healing properties of certain stones, or maybe you just think gemstones are super cool, there's bound to be something for everyone of all ages at this weekend's "16th Annual Rock And Gem Show."

Taking place at the Brewer Auditorium this Saturday, November 6th, and Sunday, November 7th, The Rock and Gem Show will feature everything from raw rocks and minerals to beautifully crafted gifts and jewelry made by artisans both local and international.

Presented by the Penobscot Mineral and Lapidary Club, according to their Facebook Page, this year's event will feature:

"20 Vendors Selling Rocks, Minerals, Fossil, Jewelry, Gems, and Gifts on 70 Tables., a Silent Auction located on the Stage and Door Prizes Every Hour on Saturday, Every 1/ Hour on Sunday."

A friend of mine, who goes every year, says it's an eclectic mix of folks there who are interested in geology and the science of rocks, amateur rock-hounds who love the adventure of exploring local mines, people who are big into the healing properties that certain crystals and minerals are thought to possess, and folks who are looking for interesting gifts ideas.

Scott Lewis
Scott Lewis

According to the website, geology.com, Maine has quite a number of local offerings where gemstones and minerals are concerned:

"In addition to tourmaline and quartz, the pegmatite deposits of Maine have produced aquamarinemorganitechrysoberyllepidolitespodumene, and topazGarnetkyaniteandalusitesodalite, and staurolite have been produced from the metamorphic rocks of Maine."

If you're looking to start or maybe add to a collection, this would be a great place to check out.

jewelry and accessories for sale in jeweler's bench at exposure

There will also be some vendors on hand who have traveled different parts of the world and brought back exotic offerings for people to look at and purchase.

Admission to the event is $3 on Saturday, $2 on Sunday. Kids under 12 get in free.

And be aware that there is no ATM on-site at the Brewer Auditorium, so you may want to bring some cash with you, as not all vendors are equipped to take credit or debit cards.

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