Feeling like a bit of a summer adventure on the other side? How about scouting for the paranormal right here in Maine at Fort Knox  with the 207 Paranormal Ghost Trackers? This camp gives you the opportunity to camp at the historic fort for one whole night to seek out the dead and see what they think about summers in Maine. Minimum age to participate in this camp is 12 with and adult or 18  alone. Cost of the camp is $50.00 per person and you'll need to provide your own tent and sleeping bag. According to the Ghost Camp site:

Guests become part of a paranormal investigation using high–tech night vision and sensor equipment while exploring every nook and cranny of massive Fort Knox collecting hard evidence in search of the legendary ghosts rumored to inhabit the fort.

The date is August 24-25. Space is limited so call 207-469-6553 to make reservations or click here.

Let's see what his guy finds.


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