JStew here, flying solo this week on TBT, and I got to wondering what everyone's first set of wheels were. Not your first car, because not everyone got their first car in a timely fashion... Such as myself. I didn't even get a license until I was 36, so I didn't even get my first car until then. But that's whole different story.

But I can distinctly remember that my first set of wheels, where I was fully mobile on my own around the rough streets of Bangor, was my Hot Wheels big wheel. It was black with a grey seat and matching grey "rims". And it had streamers coming out of the handles that were the colors of flames. It made you look like you were on fire!

Around age 6, I upgraded to a hand-me-down girls bike from a friend of my mom's. She got it in her head that since I was just learning, I should have a girls bike so I didn't "hurt myself" on the cross bar if I fell off. It was tragic really, because all the neighbor kids made fun of me for riding a girls bike.

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Ah, but then, a couple years later, I upgraded to my first Huffy BMX. It was red and yellow, and was bad ass. For like two minutes, I had the raddest  bike in the neighborhood. Until this kid David moved in down the street, and his father was one of the owners of Bicycle World that used to be on Central Street in the 70's & 80's.

Naturally, that stupid kid David (actually, he was really nice) had the nicest bikes in the neighborhood until I moved away. He had the first mountain bike I'd ever seen. It seemed really cool. Kind of like a cross between a 10-speed and a BMX. But still, I had a Huffy, and at school, Huffys were king.

So let's take a walk down Memory Lane together, and see what rad whips you terrorized your neighborhoods with...

Shane Sawtelle Oh man...I got a 20" Huffy bmx bike when I was 5. I rode it till 7th grade then upgraded to a Dyno Detour. All the guys in my school had freestyle bmx bikes. Those were great Summer days.
Kari Jo Davis I had a pink banana bike with sparkly tassels in the handle bars, and a basket on the front.
Elaine Foss Fitzpatrick Pink huffy
Jim Murphy A plastic pedal Jaguar XKE. There were no electric kiddie cars when I was a kid.
Darlene Moore A purple banana bike with a sparkly purple seat.
I loved that thing so much! My first ticket to independence.
Jen Zimmerschied I had a pink huffy girls bike, loved it!
Delcina Gomm A pink bike with white handle bar covers and a white banana seat!
David Jeskey I have no idea the make or model. It was an old bicycle with solid rubber tires.
Hunter Tracy I have a sister who is 5 years older than me. So my first ride did not have a bar like boys bikes did. So yeah, 2 Summers I sported a girls bike
around the neighborhood.
Keith Dionne I can say this much. Your typical 80 dollar bike you bought at Zayres in 1985 you cannot find that quality of a BMX at your local Walmart these days.
Nancy Neu Sting ray
Sandra Lyn I had a big wheel. It was pretty and pink. I believe it was called a "Power Puff" or something like that.
James Naaykens Jr A red peddle car with white trim. Wish I still had it.


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