It's the ULTIMATE case of distance learning, you could say.


This Monday, students from Maine got a real treat! Two of our very own Mainers, who just so happen to also be astronauts living on the International Space Station, took some time out of their busy mission duties to answer questions posed by local (to their home-state on Earth, that is) school kids.


Jessica Meir, Chris Cassidy; NASA

Dr. Jessica Meir of Caribou and Captain Chris Cassidy of York, both NASA Flight Engineers on Expedition 62, fielded inquiries on everything from "Do they get homesick in space?" to "What they do with their laundry?" and "What the constellations look like from their vantage point?", as students from across the state watched on their computers and tablets.

Some lucky kids got to ask their questions in person. Some of the questions were asked, on their behalf, by folks like Maine Senators Angus King and Susan Collins. At one point, even Cassidy and Meir's mothers got in on the action, asking questions, too.

The event, coordinated by the Challenger Learning Center of Maine and The Maine Space Grant Consortium.

According to NASA's website, "Meir is completing a six-and-a-half month mission on the orbital outpost, heading for a landing in Kazakhstan aboard a Soyuz spacecraft April 17. Cassidy arrived on the station April 9 to begin a six-and-a-half month sojourn."

If you want to check out the entire video, click here. Enjoy!