Animals are pretty cool, and do all manner of odd things.

I love nature shows. I really do. The crazier the better. You know I'm a nut about it when Shark Week doesn't even cut it anymore. Shark Week is total Boomer-ville, hahaha. I go deep sometimes on Amazon Prime or Hulu. I want to see the weirdest animals doing the weirdest things, on camera. Well, you know what I mean.

I also love turtle watching. I do it all the time out at camp. Bird watching is cool and all, but watching the strange little habits of turtles is humorous. They're so slow until you spook one. They take off like a rocket, dispelling all the tortoise and the hare stories. And underwater, they're aquatic superstars. Fast as a shark, but still just a turtle.

But have you ever watched two snappers do Battle Royale?

I didn't even know this was a thing. I'm not sure whether they're being territorial jerks, or if it's some sort of mating battle or both. But these two snappers look like a couple of reptilian UFC fighters, circling the Octagon. But when they finally butt heads, it's pretty intense. Then they back off and go at it again. It's nuts. Check it out...

My friend on Facebook, Kent Ackley, caught this video. It's such a random thing to witness, I would've done the exact same thing, and got out my phone and started filming. Where else are you likely to see two turtles of any kind going at it? And man... we all know how tenacious and bite-y they are. How does that even work?

At any rate, enjoy some Mother Nature doing what she does best. Pit two animals that should like each other, against each other to see who wins. Actually, that sounds pretty much like people too, haha.


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