It looks as though the same cruise ship that took refuge off Searsport last October will tie up to Eastport's famous breakwater until it can finally sail again with passengers.

The Riviera, a 785 foot long cruise ship owned by Oceania Cruises, will soon sail from southern Florida to Eastport and tie up to the breakwater pier.  The ship, made in 2012, is currently anchored off the coast of Miami.

Within information posted on the Eastport Port Authority's Facebook page, a crew of 100 will be stationed on the vessel and will not be allowed to leave it while it remains in Eastport.  At this point, when the ship will depart is anyone's guess, as the cruise ship industry has fallen victim to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The post tells us that fishing from the breakwater will not be hampered in any way, and that local vendors will keep the ship's personnel supplied with food and goods. It also makes mention that if by some miracle the town's infamous July 4th celebration does take place, and if a U.S. Navy ship does visit the area for that day like has happened in the past, that the Riviera will leave the area to make room.

As to an official Eastport arrival time, the post states, "So insuring all federal, state and local guidelines are met we hope to welcome the vessel in the coming days/weeks."

The Rivera can carry as many as 1250 passengers and a crew of 800.  It made news last October when the winds of a Nor'easter chased it into Searsport Harbor after departing Bar Harbor.

If the Riviera does indeed make Eastport it's home in the coming days, we think this would certainly make a worthwhile road trip!

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