It feels like that little dog in that photo is 2020, and we're the snow. But, some folks have found a way to cope. Facebook user Jeff Davis may have posted the video that encapsulates exactly how we all feel right now. He just wanted to mow his lawn, as it was on his list of weekend chores, but his middle finger to Mother Nature says it all.

Between the coronavirus, quarantine, snow in the second week of May, on Mother's Day weekend no less.... is just about enough to make anyone howl at the moon. As usual here at my house, we got about 5 inches of snow, while everyone around us got more like 2, I can totally realte to this guy.

At the beginning of last week, I had my plans for the weekend all set. I finally got the spare batteries for my little electric chainsaw, and I was ready to wreak havoc in my back yard. I've got more downed trees than Madawaska has French-Canadians, so I really needed to make some headway.

But as always seems the case so far in 2020, you make some necessary plans, and some stupid thing comes along and just shuts it down. It's been maddening. So that's why Mr. Davis's video resonates so much right now. We're all mad at Mother Nature, the government, the coroavirus, quarantining, grocery stores, face masks...all of it.

So to see this guy just say !@#$ it, hoist a beer, and start mowing the snow, actually much makes me feel just a little bit more normal. Because it's typical Mainer behavior. We look at stupid things, say a few choice swear words, and then we get on with our day.

So to me, Jeff Davis is a hero this week. Sometimes you just gotta look life straight in the eye and tell it to go pound some sand where the sun don't shine.

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