The cuteness factor is off the charts on this one!

There is nothing worse than getting a vehicle stuck in anything. Usually it it would be snow, but a a Levant woman had the unpleasant experience of getting stuck in the mud, very late at night. Scary stuff.

A Levant woman named Sarah Synn, was on a dark, dirt road, at about midnight, which is the last time and place you would ever want to ever get stuck, but she did, and in the mud!

Sarah sat and waited for awhile, hoping that another motorist would stop by and help her out. After a considerable amount of time, she decided to make a go of it on foot. Turns out she was miles from her home. As she started her long journey, she found the main road, but also found something else during her walk.

As she was walking, she sensed that something was behind her, and much to her surprise, it was a deer, who walked alongside her and was very friendly. This continued for awhile. She then realized that she was headed in the wrong direction. As panic set in, a driver finally came down the road, and was kind enough to give her a ride home. There was a happy ending after all, and she made a new friend.

Check out the video, and Sarah's original Facebook post about her adventure. Be forewarned, she does drop a salty NSFW word or two in it, but hey, these things happen.

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