I won't lie, at this point in my life, I have to do very little shoveling.

Not that it's been a life goal of mine or anything. At our old house, the driveway wasn't too big, and I thought I'd leveled up adulting-wise when we got our first snowblower. At our current house, we have a plow guy because of the size of our driveway. I never thought a plow guy was a big deal... Until the first time I didn't have to shovel.

Since I still own a snowblower, I use that for the rest of the cleanup. These days, my shoveling is pretty much been reduced to just clearing off the steps and the walkway. Not too bad for an aging drummer, who's pretty much destroyed his spine hauling musical equipment for more than 30 years.

Who are you people, that actually think shoveling is fun?

I know a lot of folks though who, as insane as it sounds, actually enjoy shoveling snow. And, then there's everyone else. The rest of the world sees the snow, looks at the shovel and dies on the inside a little bit. So when I saw this simple shovel hack recently, I was skeptical, but I checked it out just the same. Scope it now...

As the guy says in the video says, there are so many different types of shovels out there to choose from, including tons with designs that are supposed to save your back. We've all tried them, and to a degree, they kind of work. But this little piece of rope pretty much takes the cake. And you can still use that same bent, rusty shovel you always have because you're too cheap to buy a new one.

What've you got to lose? Chances are, there's an old piece of rope lying around somewhere. Granted, covered in the dust and grease of your garage, but who cares? Speaking as a lifelong Mainer, if it works, that's absolutely all that matters.

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