Yeah... You read that right.

Apparently since 2020, this is becoming more of a thing. I'm not sure it was because people thought the world was ending during the pandemic, or because they want to seem cool , but more and more around the country, the After School Satan clubs. In these other places it's been causing quite the stir, as you can imagine.

Parents in these other places seem outraged concerned, scared, or even just altogether apathetic of the idea that their kids might be looking at Satanism as a religious alternative. But I've seen stories saying these clubs are popping up in Colorado, Pennsylvania, and even New York.

Will this kind of club come to Maine?

Having been a rebellious teenager back in the day, I would've likely done this in a heartbeat. And when ideas like this start to become more common in the media, you're more likely to influence copycats who want in on the action. So yeah, it may not take long at all for kids to want to explore different ideas.

But there isn't likely much to worry about. Look, you can be concerned about people with mental health issues being taken advantage of in some way, but honestly we should worry about that in almost any social situation.  But by and large, this would probably be an experimental thing.

Aren't Satanists super violent people who hate everyone?

In real life, absolutely not. There are extreme fundamentalists in any religion. But most Satanists are just normal people who are essentially rebelling against Christianity. In fact, in a recent article in the Press Herald, it was pointed out that Satanists are terrible marketers when it comes to making themselves look good. So they'll always get a bad rep.

Ultimately, if your kid comes home and says he/she wants to join the Satan club, maybe the worry shouldn't be about the Satanism, and maybe about why they feel compelled to do so.

It'd be truly weird if this new craze makes it to Maine, but you just never know. Other states have taken the issue to court and lost, churches have protested, and people have even made death threats against organizers of the clubs. Say what you want, but that doesn't sound very Christian does it?

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