Since 2020, Maine restaurants have been able to sell booze to-go.

This isn't entirely new to us at this point. Probably all of us at some point or other since the pandemic began, have gotten an adult beverage to go, with whatever takeout meal we might be picking up. But it's had to go back before state legislature a couple of times to be renewed for businesses to keep offering it.

Same for craft distilleries and such. Before, Maine wouldn't allow such things because we have an "open container" law. That basically means that if you had an open beer can in the car.... well, Officer Jones would if nothing else, submit you to a field sobriety test. But folks are leaving restaurants with mixed drinks now, and it's no trouble.

So what's this new deal being discussed?

Maine Sen. Louis Luchini introduced an actual proposal on Monday to legislators, that would allow Maine restaurants the chance to continue selling to-go alcohol indefinitely. It happens in many other states, and a lot of folks feel Maine is a bit behind the times on it. The pandemic changed that, but Luchini looks to make it stick, according to the Associated Press.

Sen. Luchini feels it gives businesses a chance to plan ahead a bit better and also gives folks who are wary of dining out in public, a chance to still have a restaurant experience in their home. You can mix your own drinks at home, but you'd have to invest in an awful lot to have all the right ingredients at any given moment.

With all the new folks from out of state moving to Maine, where a lot of them are used to this thing we've only been enjoying for a couple years, this will help keep Maine up with the times. We used to be a leader of the nation, but at least now we're following suit in a good way for our state's economy.

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