Tipping should really always be a personal choice.

That said, it can be one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Really, there aren't many things on Earth more fulfilling than surprising someone with a gift they weren't expecting. Sure, that could come in the form of money, but it could also come in the form of respect.

Jar for Tips with Money

Maybe it's simple respect paid to someone who is doing hard work for you. That could be anything from a simple compliment, to gifts, treats, money, etc. But one thing I've learned in my life, is that you'll likely never regret doing something nice for someone if they've done something exceptional for you.

On Reddit, one person asked if they should tip their roofer...

Now, I imagine there are several different ways to answer this. Ans we'll get to that... But there was one thing that surprised me on this Reddit thread. There were definitely a couple people who thought it was sheer idiocy to tip a roofer. Or a contractor. Or a mechanic. But there were so few, it definitely stood out.

roofing work with flex roof
Dmitry Kalinovsky

Most folks agreed that if there were people at your house doing hard or dangerous work you'd never do yourself, you might consider giving them a little extra. What's cool is that people really came forward with fantastic ideas about how to make someone's day that might be doing work for you.

Everything from cash being the most obvious, to offering hot or cold beverages, snacks, lunch, you name it. And that's what the deal really is, right? Helping people. To me, the question isn't about whether you should tip or whatnot, but how? Let's peek at how Mainers think the best way to do something nice for other might go...

I fully support every suggestion... Except the ones that say not to tip!

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