After numerous complaints of the newly paved surface being slippery and a dump truck sliding off the road, and a process this week that didn't work, the Maine Department of Transportation will now take the next step in fixing the situation.

The MDOT will have one of the project's contractors contractor "micro-mill" the surface of that section of Route 3 on this morning. Friday, November 2nd. Although, it may not happen today due to heavy rain in the area.

A press release from the MDOT tells us that "a milling machine, with fine cutting teeth, will be used to roughen the surface of the pavement to increase the skid resistance."

As long as the weather prevents contractors from "milling" the surface of Route 3, the MDOT will spread sand to prevent slippage.

Earlier this week contractors attempted to spread an  iron oxide grit, which is a mineral used to polish glass and soft metal that adheres to the pavement.  That didn't work because of cool temperatures according to the Maine Department of Transportation.



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