It really is the worst part of the Christmas season.

Taking down the Christmas tree is one of the most depressing parts of the holiday season. But like most things in life, the grief we all have comes in stages. We have the weeks leading up to Christmas to enjoy our trees and bask in their warming glow. And then we get to keep the dream alive a little longer until New Years.

When it comes to tree disposal, folks in Bangor have no idea how lucky they have it. For real. You have options.

And then, usually within the first few days of the new year, most folks start begrudgingly taking their trees down and putting away the decorations until next year. And that, in my opinion, is when the true crushing weight of winter begins to set in. You can usually stave off that feeling during Christmas, but when it's over, here comes reality. Ugh.

Bangor has no idea how lucky they have it.

When it comes to tree disposal, folks in Bangor have no idea how lucky they have it. For real. You have options. You can always take it to the Bangor Public Works Building at 530 Main Avenue and drop it off. Or, just chuck that puppy out to the side of the road and let the city do the work. Where I live, we have to pay to bring our trash to the dump.

They begin their annual tree pickup on January 3rd, and it will go until the 11th, according to WABI. And the trees actually get a second chance, in a way. Bangor mulches the trees up and uses them for several different projects, from trail maintenance, to biomass, in other words.... they fill stuff in with it.

Nope, they're not just being tossed in a landfill.

They're upcycled as much as possible. Just make sure you've removed all ornaments and tinsel. Actually... does anyone even use tinsel anymore? I pulled enough out of my cats when I was a kid to wire up a small house. Either way, it's nice to know they'll be put to good use.

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