I remember my freshman year of high school, I was out late a lot. I had just joined my first cover band, and started playing the Maine bar circuit at 15. The agreement was, I had to go to school no matter how tired I was. I also remember gettiing kicked out of Algebra because I kept dozing off in class because it was friggin' hot in the room.

My teacher had a slight nervous tick that caused him to bob his head now and then when he talked. It's kind of hard to describe. But, because of the heat in the classroom, I kept nodding off. My teacher didn't thought I was making fun of his nervous tick. I said, "no, I just keep falling asleep!" He didn't like that answer much better, surprisingly.

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Boy, the times they are a changin'..... I could go into one of those old people diatribes about how it was when I was back in school, but I'd mostly be preaching to the choir, so to speak. But for conversation's sake, let's just say that not only did we have no such thing as remote learning, we certainly never canceled school because of the heat.

Now to be fair, Bangor didn't totally cancel school. They opted for a remote learning day. Of course, I'm all for it. My sister is a teacher, and most schools don't have any kind of central AC or anything, so it can get preeeetty toasty inside a classroom. So I definitely don't want anyone suffering.

It's not just Bangor, many other schools instead of having a "heat day", they've opted for a half day, as opposed to going fully remote, like Brewer schools for instance. Same means to an end. If kids are out by noon, they should be able to miss most of the intensely hot weather.

As I understand it, next year, they won't go full remote snow days. Bangor will allot three snow days, and above that they'll go to remote learning. You may remember, there was a lot of push back from parents about doing away with snow days altogether. And now, this also enables schools to have "heat days" too. Seems logical.

Well, for now, this guy will have to go back to sweltering. this is one of those days where leaving work doesn't seem as fun as it usually does. We only have one AC unit in my house, and I'll have to keep that going for the dog. At least that's the excuse I'm going with today.

Stay cool folks!

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