Update as of Sunday 1/28/2024:

We were initially told by one of the managers when we called on Friday afternoon that the restaurant was not closing for good, but just for 4-6 weeks so crews could work on a much overdue plumbing project.

They said the floors were going to be ripped up, pipes replaced and then likely a renovation of that space would take place after. But the folks at the Ground Round appear to have changed direction and reversed their course.

Announced via the Ground Round Bangor Facebook Page Sunday evening:

When folks started to ask the question as to whether or not gift cards to the establishment, many of which had reportedly just been recently purchased or donated, another post was put out via social media that attempted to clarify things.

Both establishments, The Ground Round and Fairmount Market, are owned by Bangor resident and City Councilor, Dan Tremble.

If you grew up in the Bangor area in the '80s and '90s, chances are you visited the Ground Round once or twice.

As a kid, I loved going there. They had unlimited popcorn--the salty kind that was so delicious. And on Tuesdays, you could bring your kids in for the "Penny Per Pound" night, where kids would get onto a scale when they got there, and parents would pay a penny for each pound their kid weighed. (This was great till some of us hit puberty, and then it was just embarrassing!)

Popped popcorn, ready for eating.

And who could forget that cool magician who would go from table to table, making balloon animals and doing magic tricks?

attachment-RS13482_CCKE15-Kid & Balloon Animal-scr

I was so glad to see he was still at it, years later, when I brought my kids there to eat.

The restaurant features a dining room for families and a lounge for those who want to nosh on wings and watch a game.

There are a ton of folks with fond memories of sharing a meal at the Ground Round.

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