Pet owners love any reason to do something nice for their fur baby.

I feel like an idiot sometimes for waiting so long in life to have a dog. My wife and I just got our first dog a little over a year ago. Since then, it's been a completely life-changing experience. I take way too many pictures of my boy Neko doing absolutely anything. Or sometimes even nothing at all. I'm a nut like that.

My mother-in-law even made us a collage of a bunch of the photos we've taken. And we proudly hang it on our fridge. I constantly send videos to other family members. I'm sure they kinda hate me at this point, haha. But I'm wicked interested in donating to the Bangor Humane Society this year so I can get a different kind of picture of my boy.

BHS has brought back 'Imperfectly Perfect Pet Portraits'.

They've done this in the past and it's amazing. For a $20 minimum donation, folks at the Humane Society will create your own custom pet portrait. Some of the portraits are absolute works of art. Others are... well... created with enthusiasm, hahaha. But truly in the most heartfelt and awesome way.

All you have to do is go to their Facebook page, and click on the donation link in the post, and then comment on the post with the word "donated" and add a photo of your pet. Dog, cat, whatever... Soon after, you'll get a reply with a digital version of your pet's artistic rendering.

Again, if you're expecting Monet or Rembrandt quality work, you're missing the point. In fact, I kinda hope mine is on the terrible side. I just want all the versions of my boy I can. Our pets are on this Earth for far too short a time, so why not enjoy them in every manner possible?


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