When I was a kid, snow days were worth more than gold. It seemed like we hardly ever had them. And while I understand that things are different these days in general, kids don't have the mounds of anticipation people of a sudden age had. I had to wake up, see how much snow there was, start listening to the radio, and pray with all my might.

If the snow day gods were smiling upon me that day, at some point I'd finally hear that my school was canceled and then a happy dance so embarrassing would ensue that it makes me glad smartphones were not a thing back then. Nowadays, kids get a text from the school before their head even comes off the pillow.

Then the coronavirus came. That brought on all manner of online learning for kids and began to make school administrators think they found the answer to the age old snow day problem that has plagues schools more than in my youth. The thought was, going forward, instead of 'cancelling' school, it would just shift to remote learning.

Surprisingly, this caused a bit of an uproar among Bangor parents. There was even a petition started to bring back snow days. A large group of parents felt this was robbing kids of an opportunity to just be a normal kid. Especially right now during the pandemic.

According to WABI - TV5, Interim Superintendent Dr. Kathy Harris-Smedberg said at a recent school board meeting that they would keep two snow days on the books, agreeing that not only could the students use an electronic break, likely the teachers could too.

You gotta figure, kids right now need anything that seems the slightest bit normal. If giving up a couple snow days can bring back a little of the excitement of day to day life, then why not?

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