The Bangor Mall Blvd. is kind of legendary for its condition

We've all said it to our friends, or on Facebook, or to anyone that might listen, that the road circling the Bangor Mall can be a bit, well... rough. To put it mildly. To be honest, I'm not even 100% sure whose job it is to maintain the road. Is it the city? Is it the mall? Who plows it during the winter?

And that's the first question that came to my mind yesterday when I was out at the mall getting my glasses adjusted. I don't get out there very often. I live out in the boonies of Hampden, so I'm often spared the joy of hitting potholes over that way. I mean, they're all over the city, but some spots just get worse than others.

One stretch of the road around the mall is so bad, it's blocked off

In the stretch between Oriental Jade and the entrance to the cinemas, or thereabouts anyway, there's an insanely rugged ice patch that's so bad, they've set up cones and you have to detour around it. For real, if you tried to get your car through it, you'd likely wreck the underneath of your car.

Photo JStew
Photo JStew

It's not anyone's fault per se, because it's a section where water would repeatedly dump into it every time there's a thaw. So, when things froze back up solid a few days ago, this spot became absolutely treacherous. I got out of my car to snap some photos and take a good look at it, and it looks like a ride in a theme park, it's so rutted up.

Photo JStew
Photo JStew

I'm absolutely not laying any blame. It just looks like a spot that Mother Nature got her hooks into before anyone from the city or the mall could get a handle on it. And it doesn't stop traffic. You can easily get around it. But it's not often you're driving down the road, and are just stopped dead in your tracks. Definitely keep your eyes peeled.


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