There aren't many things worse than cold feet.

We've all been there. Sometimes it's because we wore the wrong socks, other times it's because our tootsies got sweaty and now they're not as toasty as they were when we got dressed this morning. But for some folks, the reasons aren't always that simple, nor is it always easy for them to solve the problem.

For most folks, we'd simply put on a different pair of socks. What if you only owned one pair? What if that one pair were full of holes? Or worse, what if you had no socks at all? These aren't the kind of questions most people face day-to-day, but for other folks, this is their entire life... Just trying to stay warm and dry.

A local church and a local temple decided to do something about it.

Thanks to the people who attend All Souls Congregational Church and Congregation Beth Israel in Bangor, folks can now access the "York Street Sock Garden". No questions asked, anybody that needs them can go right to the fence they're hanging on down on York Street in Bangor, and help themselves.

It's becoming a great collaboration among several places of worship. In addition to all Souls and Beth Israel, St. John's Catholic Church has also started taking donations for the sock garden, according to NewsCenter Maine. It's amazing to see all these different organizations working together on a common cause.

Socks may not seem like much to most of us. They're something we hardly ever think about. But if you're in a place in life where even socks are hard to come by, at least there are some folks out there who see you and are trying to help. There needs to be a lot more of that going on in the world right now. This sock garden is truly heroic.

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