At this point in 2020, I don't think anyone is surprised anymore when things have been canceled. It was widely known weeks ago that this year's 'Light Parade' as it's become affectionately known around town, would not be happening this year. Obviously a big letdown for many folks, but the city tried to make the best of the situation.

So they opted this year just a 'Festival of Lights'. The city encouraged businesses and citizens around the Bangor area to go the extra mile when decorating this year, so that we could have kind of a reverse parade. This year, you can drive around and check out all the amazing sights, but you can also go online and vote for them.

The festival began on the 5th of December, and goes through January 2nd. So there's plenty of time to check things out, and vote at, Bangor Rotary Facebook page, or at, according to Fox ABC Maine. Categories you can vote on include:

  • Outstanding Non-Profit Display
  • Outstanding Residential Display
  • Outstanding Commercial Display
  • Outstanding Municipal Display
  • Best Overall/Fan Favorite

The prize for the Best Overall will is $500! I don't think it matters if you're a home or business, $500 is a good chunk of change no matter what time of year, but right around the holidays is never a bad thing. The Rotary intends to announce the winner on January 2nd.

Yes, it's different. No, it's nowhere near the same. But if at this point, you can't put a positive spin on all the things that have happened this year, you're likely not going to anyway. For the rest of us, let's just adapt and enjoy! Plus, this means I get to enjoy the 'parade' from my car, where it's warm. And I am A-ok with that!

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