Now if I had to guess what the most popular Halloween costume would be I'd have said Zombies or some other undead representative.  However It appears to be tough times for Dracula. Vampires, ghosts and ghouls have been cast aside at Halloween like so many protein bars amid the candy avalanche.

The most-searched costume possibilities this season are those pesky-but-endearing Minions of "Despicable Me" with a pack of comic book characters close behind. There's also a run on the Robertson clan costumes from "Duck Dynasty."

Some great DIY costume sites..

Parents, My personal favorite from this site was the Gumball machine.

Pintrest of course, if you are looking for a minion they have one and I loved the guy carrying his head, brilliant.

BuzzFeed promises to keep you warm while you hunt for candy.

RealSimple has some that are...real simple, big surprise.

Just want to head to the store and get 'er done? Best places to buy a costume in Bangor