First off, I feel like I owe folks an apology.

Yesterday when the fire broke out at the McCrum potato processing plant in Belfast, I may have made a couple of jokes on the air about how good the fire might've smelled because of all the cooking potatoes. Of course, as the fire got more serious, it was no laughing matter. And, almost 140 people have, at least for now, lost their jobs.

So I never would want to make light of that. With the cost of everything going through the roof right now, abruptly losing your job is nothing to laugh at. No one called me out on it, and I didn't say anything too bad, but I really do feel for the people in that area who are affected by the fire.

The effects also continue to linger for the moment.

Local folks and those from the surrounding towns are probably pretty familiar with the Rail Trail in Belfast. It's a great spot for getting some exercise and having a nice little walk. But town officials are closing down the Rail Trail this weekend as there is still an immense amount of smoke gushing out of the McCrum plant, according to Fox ABC Maine.

By the beginning of next week, things should be back to normal and the trail should be back open for public use. Besides, this wasn't some ordinary house fire or something. There were some extremely volatile chemicals that were stored in that plant, and the situation could've been much worse. A couple of days off the trail isn't so bad.

Again, my heart goes out to all the people affected by this. A small town like Belfast doesn't need to deal with a blow like this. But this is Maine, and we Mainers always persevere.


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