I suppose actively seeking out anything that might annoy other people in your house right, may be a brave move. But what if your kids have been annoying the crap out of you, and you wanna get them back? Or what if you're a kid and are tired of dad jokes and Google classroom? I may have an option.

First and foremost, this will kill some time. Right now, stuff that can whittle away an hour two is almost like gold. So if you're into killing time, and potentially causing an in-house riot, why not make your own set of DIY bagpipes?

Basically, you need a plastic bag, some straws, a couple old recorders, scissors, and some duct tape. Chances are, your kids have a couple of old recorders left over from grade school that are just wasting away in a closet somewhere. If you don't have any, here's a way to make them if you have some old PVC.

And with just a few reeeeeally basic steps, you will have officially constructed the DIY version of the world's most annoying instrument. And, you'll also have succeeded in making it even more annoying than real bagpipes, because recorders are dumb. If you start playing it, and someone throws something at you, you did it right.

On the other hand maybe, just maybe, someone will respect your ingenuity and encourage your DIY bagpipery. But, probably not.

In the meantime, here's the best classic rock example of bagpipes there is. Enjoy some AC/DC!



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